Facial Aesthetics Pricing:

Consultation £25
Redeemed off final Treatment cost / Acts as deposits. (if booked within 30days from consultation (appointment can book for any time in the future.)
All appointments need to be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice or deposits will be lost

Dermal Filler (Juvéderm, unless otherwise specified)

Lip Enhancement per 1ml.
Cheek Augmentation, Per 0.5ml either side (1ml in total). £250
Per 1ml either side (2ml in total). £300

Marionette lines or Nasolabial Lines (Fine lines), Per 0.5ml either side £220
Marionette lines or Nasolabial Lines (Deep lines) £300
Perioral Sculpting (smokers’ lines) Per 1ml £220
Pebble / Dimpled Chin per 1ml £150

Hand Rejuvenation (Product Radiesse) £450

Anti – Ageing Treatments

1 Area.
£180 Areas included: Forehead / Frontalis
2 Areas.
£220 Frown lines / Glabellar
3 Areas.
£260 Crows feet / Orbicularis Oculi

Above price includes Review between 2-3 weeks after treatment and Top up if required.
(review has to be booked and attended during this time or additional charges apply for any top up of product, if requested after review period)

Additional Areas for treatment: These are charged at £50 as additional areas, or £120 on their own.

Chemical Brow lift
Pebble, Dimpled chin / Mentalis
Bunny Lines / Nasalis
Perioral Sculpting / Orbicularis Oris
Gummy Smile / Levator Labii Superioris
Downturn corners of the Mouth / Depressor Angului Oris (DAO)

Neck and Platysmal Band / Turkey neck
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating),
Female -
Male - £430

Jawline slimming / Masseter £350

(can help with Bruxism symptoms)