General Dental Care

At A W Brown Dental Practice we offer a vast range of dental care, be it preventive care or treatment, for all ages (children and elderlies) for new and revisiting patients. All patients are equally important to us and all care is based as per every individual. The care is delivered in a relaxed, safe and a friendly environment. Our dentists explain all the options available and the risk and benefits involved. In this way we encourage patient education and equal participation in treatment plans that we offer to every individual patient.

Our front desk staff are very helpful and will spend time to welcome you and help you to complete our medical history and NHS forms.

We provide both NHS care and private care to our respective patients. For our NHS patients all prices are clearly displayed . Some treatments mainly those of cosmetic nature or those which are not essential to obtain dental health are only available with the dentists on a private basis. This can be related to tooth coloured fillings, crowns, implants, tooth whitening and so on.

You may be required to provide additional documents if you are entitled to free NHS dental care. If you are unaware or think that you should be eligible , then please ask our trained staff at the reception.

Our aim is to ensure you have a good oral health and to make you smile with confidence by providing general dental care. Wherever possible, we aim to avoid dental emergency by preventive intervention.

We offer private dental hygienists services, who offer a complete range of services from basic scaling and polishing to more complex scaling. This whole treatment is categorized in three divisions so as to provide more individualized treatment as per the need of the patient.

Emergency Dental Care

Pain can occur in the teeth, gums or around the jaws and can be very painful. Toothache or tooth pain is commonly due to irritated nerves in the tooth. A common cause of this may be deep cavities, injury or infection. Other causes of pain in your mouth could be due to an acute exacerbation of underlying gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth or could be related to your jaw joint.

We offer a range of comprehensive emergency dental care at A W Brown Dental practice.

Please bring along details of any medication you are taking and your doctors details at each appointment. We will ask you to complete a new medical history form which you will need to sign at every new course of treatment. This is to maintain patient safety, and if not given by any individual the treatment may be affected.

If you need to cancel an appointment please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. NHS missed appointments are not charged but we still expect a courtesy cancellation call so that we can give the space to someone in need. All hygienists and private dentist missed appointments are charged.