Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the colour of your teeth.

It is a safe procedure when carried out under professional supervision. The degree of whitening usually depends on the severity of the discolouration.

It is not effective on dental restorations, such as amalgam fillings, metal or porcelain crowns, etc. Our dentists have carefully investigated the different tooth whitening treatments available and have chosen those that

  • Achieve the best results
  • are patient friendly
  • easy and safe to use

After an examination by the dentist, he or she will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. This is used to make a custom sized tray. This sits in the mouth covering all aspects of all the teeth upper and lower jaw. The whitening gel is filled on the tray. The dentists will advise you on the duration and frequency of wear.

Some frequently asked questions:-

What causes the discolouration of my teeth?

Many things can affect the colour of teeth. Certain types of foods and drinks, smoking, medication and certain diseases can lead to discolouration. Also as we get older the colour of our teeth darkens.

Does everyone’s teeth bleach the same and does it take the same time for everyone?

No, the results are different from one person to another. They depend on the original tooth colour and the cause of the discoloration. The length of the treatment depends on the cause and degree of discolouration. Discolouration caused by certain types of food and drink will take less time than those triggered by medication or disease. Also tooth whitening in such cases may not be complete. Your dentist will discuss this with you during the examination.

Is tooth whitening safe?

According to the current scientific findings, tooth whitening is considered to be a gentle procedure and it does not affect the teeth or soft tissues.

What are the side effects?

There can be some increased sensitivity during the course of treatment. The effects normally disappear at the end of the treatment. The dentists will advise some anti-sensitive paste application. These side effects can be reduced by avoiding acidic drinks for the duration of the treatment. A well fitted and carefully filled tray helps to make the treatment more comfortable. Please follow the instructions given by your dentist.

How long will the whitening results last?

This depends on one’s lifestyle. They can last for few months to few years. Some of the factors affecting are diet, age, dental hygiene regime.

Smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine will quickly darken the tooth.

Does bleaching also work on fillings and crowns?

No, professional tooth whitening only works on natural tooth substance. Your dentist will tell you if you need any fillings or crowns replacing.

Can anyone whiten their teeth?

No, whitening is not suitable for those under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women should not whiten their teeth. Your dentist will advise you more about whether or not tooth whitening is suitable for you.