Private Fees

Private treatment is charged as a fee per item and these fees are set according to the type of treatment required.

Private Fee List Guideline

Routine Examination - £35.00

New Patient Consultation - £70.00

Small X-ray - £7.00

2 x Routine X-rays - £10.00

Scale and polish with dentist - From £35.00

Amalgam fillings - prices from £60.00

Composite fillings - prices from £75.00

Porcelain crowns - prices from £400.00

Porcelain veneers - prices from £320.00

Porcelain onlay/inlay - prices from £350.00

Bridge - prices from £300.00

Implant - prices from £2000.00

Tooth Whitening - prices from £300.00

Denture - prices from £275.00

(We offer different types of dentures. Please ask your dentist)

Please Note we require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation of private appointment times. A relevant charge will be made for late cancellation or failed appointment times. A copy of our failed appointment policy is available at reception for your information.

Fees for dental treatment can be paid by credit or debit card (not American Express).

We aim to take good care of our patients at A W Brown Dental Practice. Each patient is special to us and we work to provide an excellent standard of care in a friendly and comfortable environment.